Project Daimler AG


Constructed for Daimler AG, in cooperation with Siemens AG


Internal transportation of automobile parts for the cockpit assemly of the new Mercedes Sprinter as produced at the Daimler settlement in Ludwigsfelde.

Main demands

The trolley should consist of multiple spaces, separated by transparant trays. The trolley should be closed on all sides. The doors should be locked and put under seal in conformity with corporate security prescriptions. Furthermore, the trolley has to be useful at the electronic hanging rail system (EHB).

Fulfilled requirements

–          The trolley should be movable both by hand and by the EHB. For transportation by the latter, a special serial-based docking contact was constructed. Under all circumstances, the trolley should remain fully stable.

–          While being moved, the trolley should meet all ergonomic prescriptions and legislation.

–          Freight documents should be clamped visibly on the trolley, making the trolley traceable at all times.

–          The sizes and measures are predefined by the customer, based on amongst others the size and weight of the parts, the operation tuning of the EHB, and the available space in the production areas.